The More You Know is NBCUniversal’s long-standing cross-company public service initiative focused on education, diversity, health, civic engagement and the environment. Established in 1989, The More You Know addresses the nation’s most pressing social issues and remains a trusted voice for sharing knowledge to improve lives.

This multiplatform campaign includes on-air and online content across a wide range of NBCUniversal and Comcast platforms. The More You Know partners with leading nonprofits and government agencies to ensure we deliver the most credible, useful, timely information possible.

In 1989, NBC was the first television network to launch its own public service campaign with an education message featuring NBC News’ Tom Brokaw. The campaign, created in response to the teacher shortage in the late eighties, was introduced in an effort to recruit and retain educators.

NBCUniversal’s The More You Know has garnered nearly fifty national awards including the prestigious Emmy and Peabody Awards. Click here to view some of the awards.